GLR Volume 1 | Issue 1 hosts current articles and commentaries that have been categorised into 4 main themes: the right to free speech, the right to education, reform, and contemporary concerns. Furthermore, the publication has been compiled to showcase the pieces by topic and jurisdiction, as each section begins with articles that focus upon the ‘New Gambia’, and then complementary submissions that contemplate West Africa more generally are placed. Thus, consistency and flow are well-established for readership. Please find the contents of our inaugural publication listed below:

Right to Free Speech                                                                                                                   

Reinvigorating Freedom of Expression in Gambia Post-Jammeh by Aaron Olaniyi Salau

ECOWAS Court Judgment Against the Gambia: A Step Forward and a Step Backward by David Abraham

A Fine Balance: Assessing Restrictions on Freedom of Expression at the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights by Oliver Windridge

The Right to Education 

Legal Aid and Access to Justice in The New Gambia: A Case for Strengthening the Implementation of the Legal Aid Act by Christopher Gray

Law Clinic Commentary by Fanta Jawara

Towards Participation of Hearing-Impaired Learners from the South: Implications of Article 24 of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities by Ngozi Chuma Umeh


I) Government

Africa, the International Criminal Court and the Future of Prosecuting International Crimes in Africa: Re-examining a Frosty Relationship by Henry Alisigwe and Chimere Arinze Obodo

A Critical Survey into The Gambia’s Tripartite Regimes, 1965 to date by Jimmy Hendry Nzally

An Examination of the Doctrine of Implied and Inherent Power of the National Government and the Residual Power of State in a Federation: Two Doctrines in Perpetual Conflict by Shittu Bello, Simon Abifarin, Joseph Ayo Babalola and N.O.A. Ijaiya

The Scope and Extent of the Immunity of Heads of State and Government under International Human Rights Law: A Brief Analysis of the House of Lords Judgement in the Pinochet Extradition Case by Aboubacar Abdullah Senghore

II) Finance

The Perils of Sovereign Debts on the Progressive Realisation of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in the Gambia by Sainey Bah

Financial Reporting as a Corporate Governance Tool for Strengthening Corporate Business in Developing Economies: Lessons from Nigeria by Udu Eseni Azu

A Comparative Analysis of Financial Assistance to States by the Central Government in Nigeria and America by Olufemi Abifarin, Joseph Ayo Babalola, J.O. Olatoke and E.A Adesina

Contemporary Concerns

Copyright Infringements and the Gambian Music Industry by Nasiru Deen

An Appraisal of the Legal Framework on Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) in Nigeria by Shedrack Ekpa and Friday Okpanachi

Was Genocide Committed against the Igbo Nation of South Eastern Nigeria during the Civil War? The Law of Genocide on Trial by Daniel Atidoga and Abubakar Ishaq

African Mythology and the Violation of Life and Dignity of Albino Minorities in Nigeria by Aloy Ojilere

An African’s Lament by Foluke Ifejola Adebisi