The inaugural issue of the Gambia Law Review (GLR) was formally established by the Faculty of Law at the University of The Gambia in September 2017. Released online and in print in April 2018, the Volume 1, Issue 1 edition was a culmination of Gambian and international legal and academic expertise in the field of law; and for Volume 2, Issue 1, there are 21 online articles that the Editorial Board has approved for publication. These journals are freely accessible in soft (EISSN 0796-1952) and hard copies.

On behalf of the Faculty of Law at the University of The Gambia, it is with satisfaction and appreciation that I welcome each reader of the Gambia Law Review (GLR). You are invited to read every innovative, dynamic piece at length, to select those articles of most interest, and to make use of these written discussions to fuel your own – this legal journal is for you. The process of creating the GLR has continually advanced and adapted over the years that it has been established, and its output as a freely accessible, online publication is the result of substantial, collaborative advisory efforts. The GLR distinctly represents the University of The Gambia and the nation as a publication that champions Gambian and international authorship, ranging from senior legal academics to law students to legal practitioners, and includes creative submissions that build an altogether vigorous law review – the first of its kind.

All thoughts expressed in each article are the author’s own, and our publication does not equal endorsement. Yet, we wholly support the pan-African legal perspectives and ‘New Gambia’ focuses that are achieved through the collection of their contributions.

Furthermore, the Editorial Board welcomes the submission of more articles, commentaries and case notes for publication in Issue 3 from new and returning authors. A call for papers will be released in October 2019, and all entries must be sent by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..