GLR Volume 2 | Issue 1 hosts current articles and commentaries that have been categorised into 4 main themes: contemporary and emerging human rights issues, democracy, environmental law, finance, freedom of expression, labour law, and right to self-determination. Furthermore, the publication has been compiled to showcase the pieces by topic and jurisdiction, as every section focus upon ‘Establishing Democracy in West Africa: Winning or Losing?’. Thus, consistency and flow are well-established for readership. Please find the contents of our publication listed below:


Alternative Dispute Resolution

· Dispute Resolution Within/Between Religious Organisations in Nigeria: Litigation or Alternative Dispute Resolution? by Olufemi Abifarin, J.O Olatoke and N.O. AIjaiya  

· Interrogating the Legislative Power of a State House of Assembly to Enact Arbitration Law in Nigeria by N.O.A. Ijaiya


Contemporary and emerging human rights issues

· Advancing Juridical Innovations on The Justiciability of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in Nascent Democracies: The Case of Nigeria by Udu, Eseni Azu

· Critical Appraisal of the Constitutional Contexts on Human Rights and Governance Perspectives in Nigeria by Gideon N. Gasu

· Determination of HIV Status as a Pre-Requisite for Contracting English/Traditional Marriages: The Emerging Matrimonial Issue in Nigeria and Zambia by Mahmud Kayode, Olokooba Saka Muhammed and Alili Ngozi 

· Human Rights Violations and Quest for Justice: Interrogating the Role of Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission in the Gambia by Gafar Idowu Ayodeji, Timothy Olugbenro Erinosho and John Adelani Fayemi

· Liberating Nigerian Widows from Prejudiced Rules of Succession upon Intestacy – Whither the Supreme Court of Nigeria? by Amos O. Enabulele and Anthony O. Ewere

· The Age of Marriage Question in Nigeria: How Far Resolved? by Michael Attah

· The Problem of Refugees in West Africa by Esther Aristides



· Severance of Pleadings and Election Petitions in Nigeria: A Narrow Path to Justice by Faith O. Osadolor

· Strengthening Democracy in West Africa Through Proper Investment Valuation Methods:  Expropriation in Focus by Otitodiri Ogadinma Onyema


Environmental Law

· The West African Region and the Right to a Satisfactory Environment by Ojiaka Chigoziri



· The Central Bank of Nigeria: An Agent of Financial Stability by Chinenyeze J. Amaechi


Freedom of Expression

· The Gambia in Search of New Frontiers Under a Common Destiny: Freedom of Expression as an Antidote to Development by Nkosana Maphosa and Fadzai R Dhlembeu


International Law

· A Bird’s Eye View Examination of the Application of Treaties in Nigeria: A Caution Against Tactical Ambush by Daniel F Atidoga, Ibrahim Abdulkarim and A.D. Opaluwa

· Analysis of the Offence of Non-Sexual Assault (Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Uganda as a Case Study) by Alili Ngozi, Olokooba Saka Muhammed and Mahmud Kayode Adebayo 

· International Law and the Changing Phases of Nationalism – An Overview of the Concept of Self-Determination by Nnabue U.S.F and Alisigwe H.C

· Judicialism and Regional Protection of Human Rights: An Overview of the Ecowas Paradigm by Henry C. Alisigwe and Chimere A. Obodo


Labour Law

· Incorporating Procedural Fairness into Resolution of Employment Disputes in Nigeria by William Ameh

· Redundancy in the Gambia-Striking a Balance Between Security of Employment and Business Efficiency by Bede Okorie


Right to Self-Determination

· Self-Determination Through Secession Under International and National Regimes: The Status of Biafra Agitators and Boko Haram Islamists In Nigeria by Gwom S Gwom